Simplify Your Collections from Payers & Patients

QComplete is TRIARQ’s comprehensive revenue management service for both payer and patient charges. Our payer billing services are powered by highly experienced, tenacious teams and advanced machine learning. Our patient payment services make it simpler for patients to pay deductibles, copays, and coinsurance, and easier for you to collect it. How much time can you save by making the switch to QComplete?

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How Much Time Are You Wasting On Billing?

Download our whitepaper on billing time management and see if you’re spending too much time managing payments from payers and patients separately.

Darlene, Office Manager

“TRIARQ has achieved and over-passed our goals on days in A/R. 23 days is absolutely amazing! I have direct contact with a representative that assists me, response time is almost immediate.”

Dr. John B, Physician

“I have been waiting for years to get this kind of reporting and analytics from my billing company.”

Vernell, Office Manager

“Charges are entered and claims sent out within the promised 2 days once uploaded. Communications with the biller who processes our denials and other claims issues is excellent and appeals are sent out quickly to avoid long payment delays.