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Everything you need to run a strong, modern
Independent Oncology Practice.

A Full Service Partner To Help Your Independent Oncology Practice Thrive.

IntelliDose Interface

Our custom IntelliDose Interface helps you keep track of proper utilization and notation as well as bill properly for waste.

Authorization Expertise

We understand the authorization process for Oncology like the back of our hand. And our customized processes streamline it for you.

Bi-Annual Record Audits

TRIARQ’s billing team conducts bi-annual audit of your records to ensure your charts hold up to billed charges.

Cloud Based EMR

QSuite is a leading Cloud-Based EMR, customized to the needs of your practice’s workflow.

Convenient Mobile App

QMobile lets you take QSuite everywhere you go so that you can access patient records and view test results whenver you want.

Care Management Software

QPathways is a comprehensive Care Management platform to keep the entire provider and care team on the same page.

Tenacious Billing Services

Our expert billing team doesn’t stop until we’ve collected every penny you’ve earned.

Patient Payment Tools

Online credit card payment tools, a telephone call center, and payment plans make it easy for patients to pay.

Financial Navigation Tools

Help patients pay their potentially large medical bills over time with easy to manage payment plans set up before treatment begins.

Credentialing Management

We safeguard your status with payers to make sure your providers are productive and your claims are flowing smoothly.

CCM & OCM Program Support

QPathways simplifies Care Coordination for payer incentive programs.


Referral Thank You Notes

Our system automatically generates thank you notes to your patients’ referring physicians to help you manage your relationships.

Extensive Billing Experience

Every member of our Oncology billing team has a minimum of 5 years experience billing, not just with medical practices, but in the Oncology specialty. They know the business inside and out. What’s more, our billing team leaders each have over 20 years experience, having worked in the industry since before EMRs existed.

There’s no team as thoroughly experienced as the TRIARQ billing team.

TRIARQ Health also offers a wide array of patient payment tools and Financial Navigation Tools, and has the kind of tact and sensitivity that is required in a specialty as emotionally charged as Oncology. Your revenue is in good hands when it’s managed by TRIARQ.

What’s Distracting You From Being Your Best?

A Growing & Dynamic Organization

TRIARQ Health is an innovative and rapidly expanding healthcare management services organization on a mission to support independent physicians strengthen and grow their practices. With special expertise in serving specialties, our dynamic team will help you relieve yourself from the complexities of modern day compliance and administrative burden so that you can focus on delivering great outcomes.

When you work with TRIARQ, you work with a team backed by the largest health plan in Michigan.

Reach out today and see how TRIARQ Health can help your practice in ways you never thought possible.

Free Yourself to Focus On Great Patient Outcomes!

Performance Management

Get the most out of your EMR with a Performance Manager regularly offering proactive tips and advice.

Dedicated Support

Our support team wrote the software and is standing by, ready to help you with whatever you might need.

Custom Configuration

We install your software and customize the tools specifically for the way you and your practice operate.

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