Track your earnings like never before.

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What They Say

“On average, we collect 50% of your charges.”

What We Say

“We guarantee we will collect 97% of your Expected Revenue within a set period of time.”

What They Do

They show you the charges in January and collections in January, while never detailing the information, which masks the overall performance.

What We Do

We detail your Expected Revenue rate for January’s charges and show you how much of that money is collected each month.

What They Mean

In January, you receive money that you earned sometime in the past that ads up to 50% of the charges they sent out in January. Which doesn’t tell you anything and is easy to manipulate.

What We Mean

You receive 97% of January’s Expected Revenue with regular reports to track progress.

Get paid what you’re owed with our Expected Revenue Guarantee.

Get a Free EMR

Even better, when you partner with TRIARQ for your RCM needs, we give you our cutting edge EMR for FREE. In a typical small practice, that’s a $12,000 value per year. At a larger practice, that could be worth $30,000 or $40,000!

The TRIARQ EMR, also known as TRIARQ Pro, is full of advanced, convenient features like appointment reminders, a patient portal, and is customized to the needs of your practice up on implementation.

It also comes with an expert Performance Manager who proactively monitors your account, sifts through data, and offers suggestions to capture more revenue and become a stronger business.

Get paid what you’re owed with our Expected Revenue Guarantee.

Performance Management

Get the most out of your EHR with a Performance Manager regularly offering proactive tips and advice.

Dedicated Support

Our support team wrote the software and is standing by, ready to help you with whatever you might need.

Custom Configuration

We install your software and customize the tools specifically for the way you and your practice operate.


Learn more about our All-Inclusive Packages and how they can help you become a stronger, more independent medical practice.

TRIARQ Complete

A bundle of software, revenue management services and value-based tools that simplify daily operations and reduce costs.


A comprehensive practice management platform that comes with an expert Performance Manager to help you maximize your revenue.