The Doctors Office Software You’ve Always Wanted

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Keeping an independent medical practice running smoothly requires the management of many moving parts. There are the tasks that revolve around why a healthcare professional got into medicine in the first place, like meeting with and treating patients. Then there are the tasks that have nothing to do with the practice of medicine but are vital to the success of the medical facility. These include handling medical records, billing, hiring and training staff, payer credentialing, and other managerial tasks.

Thankfully, there are technological means in the digital age to help doctors and their staff efficiently handle all of the non-patient care tasks required to keep a medical practice running smoothly and profitably. Doctors office software can be designed to handle a single aspect of the many tasks, like a cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) to gather, store, and transmit medical records or software designed to handle coding and billing needs. Or, for the most effective help, doctors may want to find a top-tier practice management (PM) system provided by a reputable and expert firm that takes care of all of those tasks and much more.

Here are some of the many aspects of running a medical practice that can be handled with high-quality PM software systems.


The software that handles EMR should do much more than securely process and transmit the medical data. A reputable firm’s high-quality EMR system should also provide its clients with a host of other helpful features. These may include:

  • Patient reminders: Whether by phone call, text or email, a good EMR system makes it easy for the staff to customize and set up automatic patient reminders to reduce no-shows and the resulting empty exam rooms. This saves time, hassle, and money.
  • ePrescriptions: These should be easy to use and be integrated into the prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) system.
  • Mobile app: This will allow the doctor, the staff, and the patients to look at the medical records and stay in touch with each other at any time from any place that has cellular coverage.
  • Patient portal: Provides an open line of communication between doctor and patient and makes it easy for the patient to stay involved with their care. They can check lab results, schedule appointments, or ask the doctor or staff questions, all from these portals.

Billing Services

Billing and coding are the most involved and the most vital managerial duties that must be done. If the billing aspect of the medical practice is not handled correctly, the practice will lose its primary source of income.

However, keeping up to date with medical codes for reimbursement and processing all of the paperwork required to receive payment from private insurers or the government is time-consuming and requires specific skill sets. It is better to let software and skilled IT professionals handle the job. This is even more efficient if the billing is seamlessly integrated with the other software systems in a complete PM system.

Additional Services

Although finding software to handle the EMR and billing aspects of a medical practice will take a lot of the weight off the shoulders of the medical professionals and their staff, there is no reason that other tasks can’t be handled. A complete PM system should be able to quickly and efficiently manage the tasks mentioned above and offer at least some of these other services:

  • Performance Management Consulting: It is one thing to offer solutions to specific problems, but it is beneficial if the software can highlight the issues itself and then suggest solutions for them.
  • Payer Credentialing: Patients sometimes refuse to use out-of-network providers. This leaves the responsibility of ensuring that the staff will cover medical services. This is why it’s essential to contract with the most common providers in the practice area plus agencies like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This credentialing, as it is called, is a time-consuming process. A strong PM system will help collect the necessary documents and negotiate contracts with third-party insurers.
  • Staffing Support: Human resources (HR) tasks are part of any medical office’s managerial duties. A good PM system should include software that helps manage the staff of the practice and the patients. This may include things like recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and offering them the training they need to effectively use the PM system software.
  • Care Coordination Services: The job of the care coordinator is never-ending. Not only are they responsible for scheduling future appointments and treatments, but they must contact the patients and healthcare professionals involved to make this all happen. A high-quality PM system should take the weight of this position off of the shoulders of the care coordinator by using automated care plans, enabling collaborative communication and convenient access to medical records for all involved. The best PM firms will also offer to take the whole burden by providing their own care coordinator to handle the task altogether.

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For the best results and the most efficient use of our software, TRARQ Health offers practice management bundles. These combine many of our software platforms to create a highly effective and seamless approach to handling all of the managerial tasks associated with running an independent medical practice.

At TRIARQ Health, we aren’t content with simply selling doctors our software and leaving them to handle things on their own. If desired, we will also provide skilled IT staff to maximize the effectiveness of the software and free the doctor and their staff to get back to the business of caring for patients.

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