The Electronic Medical Record Solutions of Tomorrow

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In the early 2000s, medical practices began to make the switch from paper-based medical records to electronic medical records (EMR). As the use of technology to keep medical records grew, a multitude of companies sprang up to provide these practices with the software and IT help they needed to make the change.

While many of these companies served their clients very well at the outset, many simply did not have the resources to keep up with the continuous advances in technology.

Now, the technology has evolved well beyond those early days, and a successful practice needs to have a partner that provides them with the latest software and EMR advantages. They need a company that is at the forefront of developing and using the newest advances in medical record gathering and recording.

More than that, medical professionals deserve to have access to the many features that go above and beyond record keeping. They need a complete system that offers advanced software from a provider that has the resources to stay at up to date. A software company that has continued to invest in its platform can offer its clients additional features like:

  • Mobile apps
  • Electronic prescription tools
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Integrated billing tools

What Is An EMR and Why Is It So Vital?

An EMR is a digital version of the traditional paper records that doctors have always relied upon. Instead of opening a folder and writing down the patient’s history or notes from the visit, medical staff can use EMR to enter the information directly into the database through a laptop or mobile device. This saves time, reduces the chances of errors due to sloppy handwriting, and ensures that less information gets forgotten or lost.

EMR also allows for the easy tracking of a patient’s care. The records from multiple visits can be seen at a glance, making it easy to track progress or note significant changes. EMR systems can also alert the staff when a patient is due for their next visit, vaccination, test, or screening.

Just as importantly, a good EMR system can track the performance of the practice as a whole by monitoring patient care and the effectiveness of individual treatments and procedures. New EMR platforms can also increase the efficiency of the practice as a whole by taking the burden of appointment reminders, billing, and calling in prescriptions off the office staff’s shoulders.

It’s About The Company Behind the EMR

Any EMR platform is only as good as the software that powers it and the staff that keeps that software running smoothly. Like any other technology-based tool, EMR software is constantly changing and improving. An older, stagnant software company simply may not have the staff or financial resources necessary to keep up to date with all of the new advances. This can mean leaving their clients behind, too.

A growing, thriving company can not only offer a medical practice the most up-to-date software and features available today, but they will also have the resources to continue to stay on top of, or develop their own, next great thing. In addition, the more dynamic companies are more likely to be able to offer their clients all of the training, assistance, and troubleshooting needed to ensure that they are able to get the most out of the EMR software.

Sometimes, Change Is Good

Most people are creatures of habit. Medical professionals and the staffs that support them are no different. No matter how inefficient or ineffective the EMR solutions they are currently using, they may be hesitant to make the switch to a different system, no matter how many new advantages it offers.

The worries about these changes can be lessened by finding electronic medical record solutions from companies that also offer great customer service. The IT professionals at the software company should be able to fully train anyone on how best to use their software systems. They should also be easily accessible, at any time, to answer any questions or resolve any issues.

Once the staff of the medical practice has a basic understanding of just how to use the new EMR system and the reassurance of knowing that help is only a click or phone call away, they can settle in and find out just how much easier their workday is with the new EMR platform.

Features That Should Be Included in State-of-the-Art EMR Systems

Not every company that provides EMR systems will offer the same features. Here are a few of the features that should be offered by any EMR provider that is on the cutting edge of new technology.

Mobile Apps

These allow both patients and the medical staff to access and update records from their mobile devices. This allows the medical staff to enter patient histories, order labs, prescribe medications, and log vital statistics while still in the room with the patient. This greatly decreases the chances of errors.

Prescription Tools

These not only allow the doctor to send prescriptions directly to the patient’s pharmacy in one step, but they also provide an additional layer of security by checking for dangerous drug interactions or incorrect dosages.

Automated Billing and Appointment Reminders

Information about a patient’s visit only needs to be entered once, and bills are automatically generated for the services rendered. In addition, the system can be set up to automatically send reminders to the patients about upcoming appointments without the need for any input from the office staff.

Superior Customer Service

This feature plays an important role in the overall success of your new EMR system. No number of great features will help the medical practice if there is no one available to help the staff learn how to use them effectively.

Meet The EMR Provider That Can Meet Your Needs

TRIARQ Health is a large and thriving software company that specializes in providing medical practices with software systems to help them run efficiently and effectively. Our electronic medical record solutions give our clients access to an intuitive interface from which they can dictate or type in notes, handle prescriptions, file or review reports, schedule appointments, and much more. In addition, we offer access to patient portals that allow the patients to take care of much of the paperwork associated with visiting a doctor before they even enter the office.

More than that, at TRIARQ, we are committed to keeping our QEMR platform at the forefront of new technology. Our clients won’t be hearing about a great new advance in EMR from their colleagues; they will be bragging about it themselves. We also ensure that our staff will be available to answer questions or resolve issues so that the medical practice’s employees can use the EMR software to its fullest extent.

To find out more about how TRIARQ Health’s QEMR can help your medical practice, contact us today.