Wednesday Webinars

Our monthly educational series to keep you up to speed on the latest changes and trends in healthcare.

One Wednesday per month, TRIARQ Health hosts a live webinar with industry expert guests to talk about the topics important to you. From HIPAA Compliance to MIPS to Coding and optimizing your practice finances, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to run a strong, independent practice.

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Previous Webinars

October 2019

Introducing QMobile

QMobile is now available for iPhone users on Cloud-Hosted accounts! In this Wednesday Webinar we show you the impactful app features that you can use today! You’ll learn:

1. What QMobile is and how it can help your providers
2. How to use features such as dictation, mobile schedules and history, and secure messaging
3. How to download and log in to the app
4. How QMobile can help speed up your workflow
5. And more!

Date: October 23rd

September 2019

Introducing QCollege

We’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of QCollege, our learning database for all things TRIARQ! This webinar was designed to show you the features and benefits QCollege will provide to you and your practice:

  • What kind of courses and documentation QCollege contains
  • The QCollege structure
  • How to find the information you’re looking for
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of QCollege content

Date: September 25th

September 2019

Controlling Substances with PDMP and Appriss

In this webinar, we covered explained what a prescription drug monitoring program is (PDMP; also referred to as PMP, prescription monitoring program) and how to access it in our system. We also covered the ins and outs of how prescription monitoring programs actually work as well as discussing which states mandate the use of PDMP. Lastly, we talked about the differences between Appriss and Dr First.

Date: September 11th

August 2019

The Benefits of ClearGage Payment Processes

In this webinar, we discuss the brand new patient payment options within TRIARQ’s QPM that help you cut costs and get paid sooner, empower patients to enter their own data, and reduce the need for patient statements. During the webinar, you will learn the benefits of ClearGage payment processes, discover the biggest wins for your practice, understand the next steps to sign up, and much more!

Date: August 14th

Financial Advantage:
5 Factors for Success

May 2018

MIPS 2019 Changes

June 2019

Digging Deep with MIPS

July 2019

2018 Performance Feedback & 2020 Payment Adjustment

The Clinic Administrator Sandwich

April 2018

2018 MIPS Manditory Workflow Changes

April 2018

Risk Management

February 2018

Value Based & HCC Coding

January 2018

MACRA/QPP/MIPS Year 2 Final Rule

December 2017

Why Maximizing Your MIPS Score Matters

October 2017

Get Ahead or Stay Behind

September 2017

It’s Complicated

April 2017

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