Why Your EMR Needs a Mobile App

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The global pandemic taught all medical professionals about the need to be flexible, adaptable, and mobile. While they could accomplish these things by staying late every night at the office and never taking time off for themselves, it is so much easier for them if they can access the information they need, answer questions, or respond to emergencies from anywhere. This is the advantage of having a mobile app included in your electronic medical records (EMR).

Medical professionals are only human, after all. This means they have to do mundane tasks like grocery shopping, laundry, and housekeeping, just like everyone else. They also have the right to sleep in their own beds each night and to take vacations to get away from it all. An EMR mobile app allows doctors to do all of these things without ever losing contact with their practice or their patients.

It’s not just the ability to stay in contact from anywhere at any time that benefits medical professionals, though. An app also grants access to any and all necessary information at a time and place that works for medical workers. This means they can study their charts during the morning commute or on the plane on their way to some exotic location for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

The apps can also be set up to give reminders to the overworked medical professional to ensure they do not miss an important consultation or even their daughter’s music recital.

Mobile Apps for EMR are a Valuable Tool, Not a Bonus Feature

While some EMR service providers may tout offering a mobile app as a bonus feature, they are much too valuable of a tool to be seen as merely a bonus. For a busy and independent healthcare provider, a mobile app should be viewed as a necessary part of the road to success.

Here are a few of the reasons doctors should expect their EMR providers to also supply them with mobile app software:


No one who practices medicine should have to lug around a laptop or feel the need to boot it up while waiting in line at the grocery store. However, without a mobile app, that is oftentimes just what they may need to do in order to answer a question or connect with a worried patient.

With a mobile app, all a doctor needs to do in order to contact their staff or a patient or address a pressing issue is open up their smartphone or tablet. Through the app and their mobile device, the doctor can check on the status of test results, schedule appointments, or contact a patient to let them know that all is well.

Without a mobile app, these tasks would be much more disruptive to a medical professional’s already tight schedule and force them to stop what they are doing to open their laptop or, worse yet, return to the office.


An EMR mobile app isn’t just a convenience; it may be a lifesaving asset. By allowing the doctor full access to patient data whether they are at home or on the go, the doctor can stay on top of any and all changes in the patients’ health or care plan. This means that the doctor can call in a prescription and alert a patient to the need for it within minutes of receiving test results.

A mobile app also gives the medical professional full access to their practice’s data. The app will allow them to keep track of important office details. They can access employee contact information, view and adjust appointment schedules, and even check the status of their compliance or privileges at local hospitals.

For physicians who spend time in an operating room or surgical center, it’s much easier to keep up on your schedule with a mobile app compared to a desktop or even laptop device.


A cloud-based EMR with a mobile app provides a great deal of flexibility for the independent doctor, both in and out of the office. Now, such doctors can be productive at the time and place that works best for them. They will no longer need to choose between staying at the office to catch up on paperwork and making it home in time for dinner with the family.

With an EMR mobile app, they can head home after work, enjoy their meal, and tackle the paperwork after putting the kids to bed.

Proof of Innovation

A company that offers a fully integrated mobile app with their EMR is making it clear to patients that they are on the cutting edge of today’s rapidly evolving technology and that they intend to stay there. A doctor that makes use of this company will likely continue to benefit from new technologies and features as they become available.

An EMR provider that does not offer a mobile app as part of their standard package, on the other hand, may unintentionally be signaling that they are not keeping up to date with the newest software developments. These EMR platforms may be less expensive, but they may cost a medical practice dearly if the practice misses out on advantages like increased efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability.

An EMR Mobile App Is Vital to the Success of a Modern Independent Medical Practice

Practicing medicine as an independent provider requires being highly competitive. In order to succeed, a practice must make use of all the advantages technology can offer.

An EMR mobile app is one of those advantages that may be a real game-changer. By providing doctors and their staff with greater accessibility, flexibility, and adaptability, a well-developed and implemented mobile app can give a practice the edge they need to stay ahead of the pack.

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