A Long History of Certifications



TRIARQ Health offers a wide range of software tools to help you run an efficient, high-performing independent practice. Whether you’re looking for a secure place to store patient data in the cloud, or want to adopt a complete practice management system, TRIARQ Health is the partner you can trust.

Certification History

Compliance, security, and accuracy are our top priorities when it comes to software.
We’re proud of our long, continuous record of cerfitications.

Current Certifications

ONC 2015

QSuite Manistee


QSuite Manistee

BDO 2017

21 CFR Compliance – gloEMR 8.4

Surescripts 2016

Complete EPA – gloSuite TORSA

Surescripts 2015

Surescripts Prescription Benefit & History – gloSuite 8.0
Surescripts Routing 10.6 – gloSuite 8.0

Surescripts 2014

Surescripts Prescription Benefit & History – gloSuite 8.0

Past Certifications

ONC 2014

ONC 2014 Edition Complete AMB EHR Certification – gloSuite 8.0

BDO 2015

21 CFR Compliance – gloEMR 8.4

Surescripts 2012

Surescripts Prescription Benefit & History – gloSuite 7.0

Surescripts 2013

Net2Net REST 10.4 DIRECT – gloSuite 7.0

ONC 2010

ONC ATCB 2011/2012 – gloSuite 6.0

CCHIT 2009

CCHIT 2008 – gloEMR 5.0

CCHIT 2008

CCHIT 2007 – gloEMR 4.0

CCHIT 2007

CCHIT 2007 – gloEMR 3.5

Check out our other products and service to see which all-inclusive TRIARQ package is the best fit for your practice today!

Q Complete

A bundle of software, revenue management services and value-based tools that simplify daily operations and reduce costs.

Q Pro

A suite of products and services to help you run an efficient, profitable, independent practice.

Performance Management

A solution for uncovering value-based care opportunities with expert insight into your data and greater insight into industry news and trends.

Revenue Cycle Management

A comprehensive billing and payment management solution that integrates with your existing practice management software.

Performance Management

Get the most out of your EHR with a Performance Manager regularly offering proactive tips and advice.

Dedicated Support

Our support team wrote the software and is standing by, ready to help you with whatever you might need.

Custom Configuration

We install your software and customize the tools specifically for the way you and your practice operate.