We are proud to partner with large, respected commercial payers on their orthopedic bundle programs.

Helping Michigan’s commercial payers improve the quality of Knee & Hip Replacement surgeries while reducing the cost as much as 50%.

Commercial Payer Orthopedic Bundles

The TRIARQ Alliance doctors are among the select few chosen to participate in this revolutionary new approach to episodic care management. By keeping physicians in leadership positions and rewarding quality, we can make a significant impact on the cost of care for Michigan families.

Expensive Surgeries

There are over 45,000 hip and knee replacements conducted in Michigan each year, with a cost of $28,000 to $55,000 each. That’s almost $2 Billion in medical costs.

Bundled Management

By incentivizing quality and keeping physicians in leadership positions, the TRIARQ Alliance can help save hundreds of millions while improving the quality of outcomes.

As a leading advocate for Independent Medical Practices, TRIARQ Health is your partner on the road to Value-Based Care.

Bundle Management

TRIARQ Health’s team of value-based care experts manage all aspects of bundled payment program offerings, including partnering with payers and participation agreements with other providers

Patient Engagement & Care Coordination

TRIARQ Health’s Care Coordination Program is based on proven best practices including successful patient and family engagement and comprehensive care plans to help you deliver the highest quality services cost-effectively.

Payer and Employer Engagement

At TRIARQ Health, we engage with innovative payers and employers to partner with our health communities to develop, enable, and deliver value-based programs to achieve higher quality outcomes.