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Medical Practice Performance Management

Modern healthcare today is changing at a faster pace than ever. Independent practice owners are pulled in a million directions trying to manage the business side of running a practice, from staffing to regulatory changes and more – all while trying to do their actual job of being a doctor and providing high-quality patient care. It’s a lot – but we can help.

We have the tools and expertise to uncover the challenges holding back your practice and help you overcome them while further securing your practice independence.    


Uncover the Metrics That Matter

Frankly, making sense of it all can be overwhelming. Our performance management solutions combine business processes and technology to give you insights to:

Establish and track key operational and financial goals to protect your independence.
Create clinical pathways that help you manage an entire   episode of care from start to finish.
Identify areas of opportunity to maximize practice revenue and reduce gaps in patient care.

There’s no easy path to clinical independence and financial success, but it’s not a journey that you need to take alone.

Our goal is to help you fulfill your vision of running a profitable, independent practice that delivers the highest quality care.

We’ve worked with physicians for years and will work with you to build a comprehensive action plan to help your practice evolve and flourish.

Technology + Expertise

It all comes down to metrics. Everything in modern healthcare is tied to this data – baselines, outcomes, patient satisfaction, efficiency, financial performance… The average practice generates an overwhelming amount of data. The key to tackling this data challenge is three-fold.

Gathering it All Together

The first challenge is getting your data all in one place. And not just your data. You need patient records and visibility all up and down the patient journey—from the referring physicians to the post-acute care down the line. You need accurate cost and payment data from payers. If all of this data is currently siloed, we can help you bring it together in a secure and compliant manner—so that you (and we) can properly analyze it.

Knowing What You’re Looking At

While breaking down the data silos is largely a technology-driven solution, the second piece requires specific knowledge of your specialty and situation. Who’s doing what and why. Our experts can contextualize the raw data and showcase the stories that are written there.

Taking Action

This isn’t an academic exercise. We take all of this data and help you uncover and focus on the metrics that matter. Once we have that, we will help you deploy this data in ways that make the most sense to meet the goals of your practice. This data can be used to make staffing and scheduling decisions,  deploy value-based care models, defend higher costs to payers,  help bring home more money for the owners of the practice, and more. 

Our focus is to help you do everything possible to protect and maintain your practice independence. 

Wondering what your data universe looks like?

We’d be happy to take a peek and let you know what the primary challenges are and how your rate compares to your peers.