The Evolving Healthcare Landscape

The healthcare industry is at an inflection point. Market dynamics like hospital system consolidation and increasing staffing costs are adding to the complexity of running medical practices

Providers struggle to manage time, capacity, and resources to keep pace with the changing healthcare landscape. To overcome these challenges, providers must simplify and consolidate vendors, streamline workflows and functions, and leverage new technologies.

Data-Driven Decision Making

In today’s healthcare environment, data is essential for success.

That’s why TRIARQ Health works with independent orthopedic practices that want to THRIVE as independent practices.

If you want to improve your practice’s financial performance and deliver high-quality, patient-centered care, TRIARQ Health’s free CMS claims assessment will look for potential growth and future success areas.

The assessment is free and easy because we do all the work.

Important information about this assessment:

  • We need your permission to get your data from CMS to complete the assessment.
  • There is a short window when we can request this data, and once you sign our confidentiality agreement, we will work with you to submit the request.
  • We cannot accept any requests after May 27th.
  • We expect CMS to release this raw data in September.
  • We should have the financial assessment ready to review with you in late September/early October.

Request your assessment today

Please call (248) 781-9910 if you would like to speak with someone about the free financial assessment.