Credentialing, Billing, and Patient Payment
For Michigan’s Medical  Practices

Comprehensive Financial Support from Credentialing and Code Auditing,
to Claims Processing and Patient Payment Solutions.

We establish and maintain your credentialing, collect the co-pays, process claims, and chase down those outstanding fees!

Fully Integrated

No confusing importing or exporting from your EMR to your Billing Software. We custom integrate them for seamless workflow.

No Interruptions

You won’t miss a beat while we get you transitioned from your old system to our new billing platform.

Coding Assessment

We review and coach you on how to improve your coding to maximize your revenue and meet Value-Based Care metrics.

Expert Full-Time Credentialing Services

TRIARQ Health’s expert, full time Credentialing personnel are fully dedicated to initiating and maintaining your status with each and every payer. That way, you and your team can focus on providing great care and a great office experience.

Payer rules change all the time, and with so much on your plate, how can you be expected to keep up with it all? You may think you’re covered just by using CAQH, but not all payers use CAQH and there’s still other paperwork to be done. A full time, expert resource has the time to research and learn about the latest requirements for every payer.

When you only deal with credentialing once in a while, it’s also easy to forget some of the details that go along with the process. When someone manages credentialing all day, every day, they don’t have to spend that precious time refreshing their memory.

Go with an expert, full time credentialing team and save your energy and focus for tasks that improve the performance of your practice and elevate the patient experience.

Powered By Revolutionary Analytics That Give Our Michigan-Based Team More Tools To Collect The Money You Earn

Reporting & Collecting

TRIARQ Health’s Revenue Cycle Management services represent the entire revenue cycle, from appointment to payment. We make complying with new regulations easy because they’re always programmed into the system. And when you leave collections to us, you save time, which means you also save money.

  • Receive monthly scorecards and reports to
    continually improve your bottom line
  • Discover additional revenue opportunities
    through value-based services
  • Get aggressive follow-up by dedicated,
    professional Accounts Receivable staff

TRIARQ health is your partner on the road to Value-Based care.

Robust Technology

Our robust QSuite EMR/PM system forms the backbone of powerful independent practices. Intuitive, comprehensive, and powered by advanced analytics, it gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

Tenacious Billing

From appointment scheduling to collections and cash-flow analysis, TRIARQ offers a complete financial management solution built on custom, proprietary, consumer-oriented tools and technology.

Management Services

We help relieve you of the administrative burden associated with operating a modern independent medical practice so that you can focus on outstanding patient care and a great office experience.

Put Your Financial Health On Auto-Pilot

Allow a local Michigan Healthcare Management Services Organization help you keep your focus on patient care.

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