OneTeamCare Increases the Efficiency of Practice Management and Helps Physicians Concentrate on Care.

Helping physicians focus on healthcare
while reducing the cost of operating their practice
through effective practice management solutions.

In today’s rapidly evolving health care market, medical practices are increasingly being compensated and rewarded through value-based contracts.  Transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based payment models requires a partnership with a robust practice management organization. This provides physicians and caregivers access to advanced tools, expertise and services they otherwise could not afford.

Sophisticated medical practices are not just choosing a medical practice software vendor, they are forming equity partnerships that can provide a full array of services to support practice transformation. Therefore, when selecting a partner, it is important to evaluate their ability to execute this strategy. The partnership needs to be strategically aligned and the partner needs to possess the expertise to help your practice take on risk-based contracts.

Focus On Medicine

You went to medical school, not business school, so you’re probably more interested in treating patients than managing payroll.

Comprehensive Skill Set

Even the best practice managers and operations directors have gaps in their expertise. Our shared services team doesn’t.

Reduced Overhead

Leveraging economies of scale helps your practice operate with increased efficiency for greater profitability.

Retaining Independence

In the face of increased health network consolidation, you’ve remained independent because you believe it’s important. We agree. TRIARQ Health believes that a robust system of independent physicians is critical to the success of the American healthcare system.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to do everything yourself. What if you could leverage the operational scale of major health systems, while retaining complete independence? You could have the best of both worlds:

  • Equity ownership of the practice management company
  • Shared services and expertise reduces overhead
  • Industry-leading medical practice management software
  • Access to the skill and experience of a large administrative team
  • The reliability of an always-on, back-office partner

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Expanding the capabilities and reliability of your practice management team.

The Shared Services Approach

Managing an administrative team in a small or medium sized practice is full of challenges. The fixed cost of full time employees can be a burden. A small staff means you have to deal with painful gaps during vacations, sick days, maternity leave, or just regular turnover. And when everyone also has to wear many hats, it usually means they’re not an expert in any one thing.

OneTeamCare practices benefit from the best of everything. Your costs scale depending on the size of your practice. You also get the comprehensive expertise that comes with a large team; there’s always someone available to make sure the work gets done. And when you have access to a large multidisciplinary team, everyone is an expert in their role, whether it’s billing, IT, or coding auditing.

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Join the OneTeamCare family to get the benefits of a health system
while maintaining your independence.

Performance Management

Get the most out of your EHR with a Performance Manager regularly offering proactive tips and advice.

Dedicated Support

Our support team wrote the software and is standing by, ready to help you with whatever you might need.

Custom Configuration

We install your software and customize the tools specifically for the way you and your practice operate.


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