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Powering Modern Independent Practices


The robust QSuite EMR/PM system forms the backbone of our healthcare management services organization. Intuitive and comprehensive, it gives you all the tools you need to succeed as a modern independent practice.

Medical Billing Company

TRIARQ is quickly becoming one of the nation’s largest medical billing companies. From appointment scheduling to collections and cash-flow analysis, TRIARQ offers a complete solution built on proprietary tools and technology.

Care Management

QPathways is a revolutionary new Care Management tool that makes it more efficient to provide better care. Our collaborative platform unifies teams and provides a new level of clinical and financial transparency which benefits everyone involved.

Integrated Networks

We develop hand-picked preferred provider networks that abide by physician orders and protocols. This unique approach to bundled care helps us achieve superior quality of care at a lower cost while keeping physicians in control.

What Our Practice Clients Are Saying

“Love working with you guys, you are kind and understanding and providing proper information and I am not stressing over it, love having you on board.”

Office Manager, New Hampshire

“Charges are entered and claims sent out within the promised 2 days once uploaded. Communications with the biller who processes our denials and other claims issues is excellent and appeals are sent out quickly to avoid long payment delays. The RCM Team is very flexible with times to meet and discuss our needs and review reports.”

Office Manager, Michigan

“2021 was a very challenging year. Overall, we did great and the whole RCM team was outstanding and knocked it out of the park.”

Dr. Michael M.
Physician, Michigan

“Really good working relationship with the team, very attentive to office requests.”

Practice Manager, Michigan

“I have been waiting for years to get this kind of reporting and analytics from my billing company.”

Dr. John B.
Physician, Michigan

“Without TRIARQ, there’s no way we’d be able to pursue Value-Based Care. It would have either cost a fortune or been outright impossible.”

Practice Manager, Texas

“TRIARQ has achieved and over-passed our goals on days in A/R. 23 days is absolutely amazing! I have direct contact with a representative that assists me, response time is almost immediate.”

Practice Manager, Michigan

“Our wonderful Performance Manager has made my life so easy. She always has exactly what I need, when I need it, so I can get back to work quickly.”

Practice Manager, Texas

“The different communication tools save a lot of time for the staff and patients have responded really well to the increased level of communication.”

Practice Manager, Michigan

QMobile Is Here

A fast, intuitive mobile app to extend your EMR right to your iPhone. 

QMobile hleps you manage your day-in-day-out logistical needs like scheduling and patient communication.

It also makes note-taking easier and more accurate and helps you find patient records with just a few taps, all in one convenient app.

With a Healthcare Management Services Organization
By Your Side, You Will…

Provide Better Quality Care

Reduce the administrative workload, so you can spend more time caring for your patients.

Improve Patient Relationships

Communicate more frequently and offer new levels of convenience for your patients.

Optimize Your Workflow

Work faster, with greater accuracy,
and increase your effectiveness.

Maximize Your Growth

Capture more of the income you deserve and use insights to identify new revenue streams.

Recent News

TRIARQ Health becomes wholly owned subsidiary of Michigan’s largest health plan.

TRIARQ Health, a national Management Services Organization, announced today that it has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the largest health plan in Michigan. TRIARQ Health partners with doctors to transform their operations and business functions, giving physicians more time to focus on patient care.

Revenue Cycle Management

Collecting every dollar you earn with transparency and accuracy.

Value Based Services

The tools and support you need to move into the future of healthcare.

Patient Care Management

Technology and resources that help you manage care like never before.

A History of Award Winning Service

You have so much on your plate. Let an expert Healthcare Managed Services partner take on some of the business responsibilities so you can focus on a great patient experience.

Comprehensive Service

QComplete is one of the most comprehensive ways our healthcare management services organization supports medical practices like yours. This all-in-one set of personalized resources, expertise, and cloud-based practice management services simplifies and strengthens the modern patient-centered medical practice.

With our healthcare management services organization, you will lower your costs and maximize your opportunities to grow.

We help manage every touch-point, from appointment to payment, and keep track of every dollar so you can focus on providing outstanding care and a great patient experience. Our medical billing company services plus technology and other management services will help you benefit from the results of delivering effective, high-quality care.

As an Independent Practice in an Increasingly Challenging Industry,
You Need a Healthcare Management Services Organization by Your Side.

Technology & Service Together

QPro is the perfect blend of intuitive cloud-based software and a friendly expert to guide and support you while also identifying opportunities for even greater success. This bundled package of EMR and PM technology also comes at a predctable monthly cost so you can better manage your budget and easily scale as your practice evolves.

You need more than just technology to thrive in today’s healthcare market.

We believe that practices need more than just a piece of software to run a successful independent practice. You need a healthcare management services organization that can provide an edge. When you’re more free to focus on positive outcomes and an outstanding patient experience, your practice will go from surviving to thriving.

All the tools and resources you need to operate a high-powered Independent Medical Practice.

Cloud-Based EMR/PM Solution

QSuite is your comprehensive, cloud based solution for managing a modern, Independent Medical Practice. Complete with all the features you expect like ePrescriptions, Patient Portals, and an intuitive interface, plus all the features you want like easy Dictation and Appointment Schedulers. QSuite is certified to all of the latest standards and comes with other useful features like customizable reports and monthly scorecards to monitor you progress throughout the year.

Learn more about our cutting edge QSuite solution and then schedule a demo for your practice today!

Performance Management

Partnership is at the heart of everything we do. All TRIARQ partners receive a dedicated Performance Manager to help you get the most out of our products and services. We’re not satisfied with just selling software or being just another vendor to you. We’re a partner who works with you to achieve your goals, drives improvements in quality care, and navigates the journey to value-based care success. We are your co-pilot!


Establish Performance Targets


Set Goals

Create Value

See what a Performance Manager can do for your bottom line.

Revenue Cycle Management

If you already have an Electronic Health Record (EHR) you’re comfortable with, you can still use our Medical Billing Company’s Revenue Cycle Management system. And the best part is, both systems will work together seamlessly. Get the best of both worlds. Let us collect the copays, process claims, and chase down those outstanding fees without having to change your EHR.


Understand Expected Collections


Track Revenue

Share the Risk

Make sure you get paid what you’ve earned with RCM from a Medical Billing Company like TRIARQ Health.

Robust Technology

Our robust QSuite EMR/PM system forms the backbone of powerful independent practices. Intuitive, comprehensive, and powered by advanced analytics, it gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

Tenacious Billing

From appointment scheduling to collections and cash-flow analysis, TRIARQ offers a complete financial management solution built on custom, proprietary, consumer-oriented tools and technology.

Healthcare Managed Services

We help relieve you of the administrative burden associated with operating a modern independent medical practice so that you can focus on outstanding patient care and a great office experience.

Take Your Practice To The Next Level Today

Let a Healthcare Management Services Organization help you keep your focus on patient care.

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