Revenue Cycle Management designed for your specialty and customized for your practice.

Revenue Cycle Management designed for your specialty
and customized for your practice.

Imagine a revenue cycle management solution that looks beyond just the financial aspect of your practice and helps you:


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It can be challenging to figure out the best way to provide quality healthcare while ensuring that your practice remains financially viable. That is why TRIARQ Health’s revenue cycle management (RCM) is more than just software. We are a team of experts who take a white-glove approach to designing an RCM process unique to your practice and specialty and as an extension of your office.

QComplete: A Holistic Approach to Revenue Cycle Management

  • Reduce the administrative workload, so you can spend more time caring for your patients.
  • Communicate more frequently and offer new levels of convenience for your patients.
  • Work faster, with greater accuracy, and increase your effectiveness.
  • Capture more of the income you deserve and use insights to identify new revenue streams.

When TRIARQ Health manages your RCM, you get the benefit of an entire team that supports your practice end to end by:

  • Integrating with any systems and entities
  • Identifying ways to develop and continuously expand automation and streamline workflows
  • Offering analytics and quality programs via our global in-house center
  • Identifying ways to reduce overall practice costs and increase efficiency in running your practice
  • Finding ways to increase revenue and streamline cashflow
  • Taking over non-clinical practice administration
  • Ensuring you get paid correctly and in the shortest amount of time

QComplete is a bundle of software, revenue management services, and value-based tools that helps simplify your daily operations and reduce costs. Q Complete puts everything you need to run your practice in one all-inclusive package efficiently. Schedule your free assessment today.

RCM Resource Center

Is Your Practice Wasting Time on Payments and Receivables?

Time is a precious commodity that many independent practices can’t afford to waste. After all, running a medical practice is a complex and time-consuming process.

What RCM Billing Services Do You Actually Need?

The only thing more critical to a medical practice than its doctor is its billing service. Without the ability to submit bills, issue invoices, collect payments and statements, and communicate with patients, practices can’t stay afloat. 

What You Should Expect From An RCM Dashboard

With the scope of healthcare changing, modernization has seeped into every aspect of medical practices from patient service to billing.

TRIARQ Health is a physician practice services company that partners with specialty providers who seek to remain independent, provide better patient care and maximize revenue opportunities.

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