Secure, affordable, and accessible hosting for your patient data.

The best place to store your patients’ medical information is in the cloud.


Off-site servers are maintained 24/7 by highly trained professionals in ultra-secure environments to protect private data.


Replace huge, unpredictable technology costs with low monthly fees that are easy to budget and save you money long-term.


When data is in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere, anytime, whether that’s your laptop in the office your your phone at home.

The Future of Patient Data Management

You might hear terms like “the cloud” and think it’s some kind of meaningless tech jargon that has nothing to do with your life. But you use the cloud every day. Those YouTube videos about cats? They’re hosted “in the cloud.” Netflix shows? Hosted in the cloud. Your bank data? Yep, that’s in the cloud too.

Actually, all “the cloud” means is that it’s stored on a computer somewhere accessible through the internet.

It may feel like patient data is more secure when it’s on a server in your office, but off-site cloud servers are in better controlled environments, outfitted with enterprise-grade security tools, and monitored by highly skilled IT staff around the clock.

Plus, if your server is more than four years old, you’re on borrowed time!

What’s holding you back from The Cloud?

Smooth Out Your IT Costs

No one likes surprises. Especially when they come with a giant price tag. Hosting your patient data on an in-office server was a great idea when Meaningful Use reimbursement promised to off-set the cost. But now you have an expensive computer in your office that will eventually need to be replaced, only this time, you’re footing the entire bill and you don’t know when that bill is coming.

When you host your medical records in the cloud, you’re sharing the server management costs with other practices and you spread out the cost over time. What you lose is a big bulky piece of equipment and big maintenance bills. What you gain is a low, budgetable monthly fee with no surprises. If you added up all your server-related costs over the life of your in-office setup, and compared it to our monthly cloud-hosting fee, you’ll actually save money.

Lower cost, predictable payments. The cloud really makes sense.

Secure your data like never before and save some money while you’re at it!

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