RCM Dashboards

Powerful analytics tools to streamline billing, shorten AR, and help you collect every penny you earn.

Claims Scrubbing Dashboards and Denial Dashboards
let our Billing Team work harder for your practice!

Quick View Details

We can view your claims and denials based on provider, patient, procedure and more to get the details we need, fast.

Robust & Intuitive Filters

Our team can sort and filter data to uncover insights that help us prioritze work to resolve more issues in less time.

Cleaner Claims

Billers can spot recurring issues and recommend workflow and software changes for long term improvement.

Claims Scrubbing Dashboards

TRIARQ’s Claims Scrubbing Dashboard allows our RCM team to catch clerical errors faster so that they can be resolved before submitting claims to payers. With access to a wide range of filters and data visualizations TRIARQ’s Billing Team can dive deep into the numbers to identify patterns and craft custom solutions for recurring issues.

  • Quick View Details: We can review rejected claims based on Payer, Provider, and Patient, Claim Age, Value of Charges Rejected, and Top Rejection Reasons.
  • Filter Data: We can filter all data by each category to identify patterns, prioritize work, and increase efficiency.
  • Submit Cleaner Claims: Catching clerical errors before they’re submitted to payers speeds up payment.
  • See Work History: Our team has a detailed view of who’s already worked claims to quickly identify bigger issues and save time.

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Payer Denial Dashboards

TRIARQ’s Payer Denial Dashboards give us more detail about the status of each claim. That helps us resolve denials better so that you get paid faster. Custom grouped Reason and Remark Codes allow our Billing Team to take the right steps to address what’s really holding up payments and recommend custom solutions to avoid future recurrences.

  • Quick View Details: Our Billers can view all unpaid claims by status, age, payer, patient, procedure, and even billing code.
  • Flexible Filters: We can filter data to look at the status for particular payers or providers. Or sort claims based on value to see who is submitting the biggest claims.
  • Denial Details: Billers get all the details about denials based on payer, patient, provider or even billing code.
  • Search for Patterns: The team uses built-in search and sort functions to find common issues that could be mitigated with a custom solution earlier in the billing workflow.

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