Our Orthopedic Equity Alliance is the most innovative and physician-oriented approach to the BPCI-Advanced program from CMS.

If you’re one of the hundreds of doctors who requested an evaluation, we will spend the coming months assesing your practice to help you make an informed decision about formally joining the program on October 1st.

There’s a lot to do between now and October 1st, so stay tuned and look for more information about the next steps for your Orthopedic practice.

March 12

The deadline has passed, but if you signed with someone else, you may still be able to get a BPCI-Proposal from TRIARQ.
Ask us how.


Data and analysis provided to applicants to review their specific situation.


CMS offers Participant Agreements for applicants to make a committment.


Signed Participant Agreements due to CMS.

The program will go live on October 1 and continue though at least 2023.

As a leading advocate for Independent Medical Practices, TRIARQ Health is your partner on the road to Value-Based Care.

Bundle Management

TRIARQ Health’s team of value-based care experts manage all aspects of bundled payment program offerings, including partnering with payers and participation agreements with other providers

Patient Engagement & Care Coordination

TRIARQ Health’s Care Coordination Program is based on proven best practices including successful patient and family engagement and comprehensive care plans to help you deliver the highest quality services cost-effectively.

Payer and Employer Engagement

At TRIARQ Health, we engage with innovative payers and employers to partner with our health communities to develop, enable, and deliver value-based programs to achieve higher quality outcomes.