Transform how value-based care can work for you!

Did BPCI-A leave you with more questions than answers? Choosing the right Medicare convener can affect your bottom line.

TRIARQ Health believes that value-based programs like BPCI-A give orthopedic practices the freedom to:

  • Develop innovative ways to provide patient care
  • Focus on better patient outcomes
  • Save money through improved efficiency and reduced expenses
  • Create more efficient systems of care delivery
  • Improve overall patient outcomes and patient satisfaction

    A partnership with TRIARQ Health can help you uphold the promise of value for your patients and payers. From appointment to payment, transform how your team manages business operations, revenue, and value-based care program opportunities with us today.

    Joining TRIARQ Alliance Physicians is your opportunity to:

      • Gain a seat at the table in determining what care your patients receive
      • Take a leadership role in transforming the orthopedic healthcare business and delivery model for upper and lower extremity joint replacements and spine surgery.
      • Monitor utilization in real-time and track costs compared to your bundle target
      • Have unprecedented access to data that gives you insight into managing patient episodes

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