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Our complimentary evaluation will show you your potential savings and opportunities in BPCI Advanced. We have access to Medicare data from CMS to do the evaluation.

This evaluation does not obligate you to participate in BPCI in any way, is totally free, and you get to keep it.

Medicare is closing the BPCI Advanced window on June 24, 2019 so request your evaluation today!   It will not re-open until 2023.

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Serious Savings

Orthopedic surgeons in the TRIARQ Alliance are saving up to $3,200 per case, with top performers saving more. That’s serious savings. Bundle targets vary by market and by practice, but we can give you a rough idea of the savings you might achieve. Fill out our simple contact form and we’ll create your Personalized BPCI-Advanced Savings Forecast.

Final Window

According to CMS, this will be the final window for physicians to sign up for the BPCI-Advanced program. When the enrollment period ends June 24th, that will be it. There are no future sign-up periods scheduled.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own your convener and control the care your patients receive. Only with TRIARQ.

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BPCI Advanced 2020

If you haven’t joined the TRIARQ Alliance, the 2020 BPCI Advanced Program is now open for registration.
The window closes on June 24th so preserve your right to participate now.
Fill our our brief, free, no-obligation information request form above.

June 24, 2019

The application window closes for at least four years. Protect your right to participate by requesting an evaluation.

September 2019

CMS distributes price targets and participation agreements to help you make your decision about participating.

September 2019

After receiving your analysis and price targets, you will have until November to decide  whether you’d like to participate.

January 2020

The 2020 cohort of the BPCI Advanced program is scheduled to begin on January 1st of 2020.

As a leading advocate for Independent Medical Practices, TRIARQ Health is your partner on the road to Value-Based Care.

Bundle Management

TRIARQ Health’s team of value-based care experts manage all aspects of bundled payment program offerings, including partnering with payers and participation agreements with other providers

Patient Engagement & Care Coordination

TRIARQ Health’s Care Coordination Program is based on proven best practices including successful patient and family engagement and comprehensive care plans to help you deliver the highest quality services cost-effectively.

Payer and Employer Engagement

At TRIARQ Health, we engage with innovative payers and employers to partner with our health communities to develop, enable, and deliver value-based programs to achieve higher quality outcomes.