Is the Future of Your Independent Orthopedic Practice at Risk?

What you should know about remaining independent

Maintaining Independence: Harnessing the Power of Primary Care Physician Referrals

There has been a significant trend toward hospital system consolidation and vertical Integration in recent years. This trend has resulted in an increasingly competitive relationship between independent orthopedic specialists and hospitals. Succeeding in this environment requires independent practices to form deeper partnerships with primary care providers in their service area.

5 Practical Ways to Ensure That Your Independent Practice Stays Profitable

Independent doctors are invaluable to the healthcare system, doing everything from improving patient engagement to providing high-quality care at a low cost. However, independent practitioners also have to deal with several challenges. These challenges may include government regulations, complex payment processes, staffing issues, negotiations with insurance companies, and the rising costs of care.

Setting 2023 Goals to Maintain Your Independent Specialty Practice

With the new year comes exciting new possibilities. Independent specialty practices have opportunities for innovation, new system implementation, and preparation for the long-term future of healthcare, including the shift to a value-based care model. However, running independent medical practices is as challenging as it is rewarding. Staffing, medical supply costs, prior authorizations, and increasing overhead making it hard for busy providers and practice managers to find time to plan for the future.

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