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TRIARQ Health offers a wide range of software tools to help you run an efficient, high-performing independent practice. Whether you’re looking for a secure place to store patient data in the cloud, or want to adopt a complete practice management system, TRIARQ Health is the partner you can trust.

We have a solution for your needs…

Electronic Health Records

Patient information at your fingertips – when and where you need it most. TRIARQ Health’s fully integrated, Meaningful-Use-Certified Electronic Health Records offering is as robust as it is user friendly. It is highly personalized for individual users! This means your team will have critical patient information in their hands where they need it most — at the point of care. That way they can make quick, informed decisions that improve each patient’s care and treatment.

Practice Management

A powerful and certified cloud platform and practice management service will help you create more efficient workflows and support more informed decisions. Our Practice Management system includes a certified, Meaningful Use EHR, and ICD-10 compliant practice management service. You will also benefit from the security of our cloud-based software and a Performance Manager on call to help you make the most of it all.

The highly-personalized partnership of TRIARQ even extends to our software itself. We even personalize our technology to each doctor’s individual needs, even where there are several doctors in the same office, practicing medicine differently.

Health Community Integration Tools

TRIARQ Connectors provide fast, secure links between your office, your patients, other healthcare providers, off-site labs, and other facilities. We also offer the ability for your practice to interface directly with hospitals, immunization registries, and public health agencies. Implement TRIARQ Connectors today to integrate your practice seamlessly and securely with everyone in the health community.reatment.

Really…all your needs


Help others find the information they’re looking for with Educational, Community, or Patient Portals. Whether you want to give patients digital access to lab results, provide a destination to research low-cost yet high-quality providers, or to utilize tools and dashboards to coordinate care and monitor outcomes, TRIARQ Health can develop a smart, simple portal solution for you.

Direct Messaging

Let us make communicating with patients easier and more convenient. We’ll give you the ability to send secure messages, quickly schedule appointments, effortlessly request online prescriptions, and receive payments in a timely manner.

Patient Reminders

Just because a patient is out of sight doesn’t mean they’re out of mind. We’ll help you keep in touch with them between visits, so you know when it’s time to tell them to get important tests and preventive wellness care. You’ll even be able to automatically update their online health records with any new lab results!


Compliance, security, and accuracy are our top priorities when it comes to software.
We’re proud of our long, continuous record of cerfitications.

Current Certifications

ONC 2014

ONC 2014 Edition Complete AMB EHR Certification – gloSuite 8.0

Surescripts 2016

Complete EPA – gloSuite TORSA

BDO 2017

21 CFR Compliance – gloEMR 8.4

Surescripts 2015

Surescripts Prescription Benefit & History – gloSuite 8.0

Surescripts 2015

Surescripts Routing 10.6 – gloSuite 8.0

Surescripts 2014

Surescripts Prescription Benefit & History – gloSuite 8.0

Past Certifications

BDO 2015

21 CFR Compliance – gloEMR 8.4

Surescripts 2012

Surescripts Prescription Benefit & History – gloSuite 7.0

Surescripts 2013

Net2Net REST 10.4 DIRECT – gloSuite 7.0

ONC 2010

ONC ATCB 2011/2012 – gloSuite 6.0

CCHIT 2009

CCHIT 2008 – gloEMR 5.0

CCHIT 2008

CCHIT 2007 – gloEMR 4.0

CCHIT 2007

CCHIT 2007 – gloEMR 3.5



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