The Benefits of EHR Cloud Solutions

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Successfully managing a medical practice has never been an easy task, but these days, with the huge influx of patient data, the rapid evolution of treatments and procedures, the ever-rising number of regulations and compliance issues, and the growing threat of cyberattacks, it may seem like an insurmountable challenge. Thankfully, there are technology-based solutions available to make it all easier.

Electronic health records (EHR) make it possible for a medical practice to offer the highest quality health care to their patients. EHR cloud solutions are easy to implement and make the storage, sorting, and compiling of data convenient. Cloud-based software further makes it possible for the medical staff to secure and disseminate those records promptly to only those who need to access them.

EHR cloud solutions give a practice access to a variety of platforms and software. This provides the flexibility to meet the staff’s needs in the present and adapt to whatever the future may bring.

The Advent of the Cloud

Cloud-based storage systems have revolutionized the ways in which data can be stored and accessed. With virtually limitless storage space, huge amounts of data can be stored and accessed from multiple locations. This has given birth to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, which can now offer their customers huge libraries of shows and movies that the customers can access whenever they want to.

Cloud-based storage solutions also revolutionized the way that information is shared throughout the workforce and between students and teachers. Where once a document had to be downloaded and sent to teachers or team members, now it is possible, through Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365, for those documents to be collaborated on, in real time, by many people in multiple locations.

EHR cloud solutions can also revolutionize the way a medical practice communicates, collaborates, and stores data. Now, patients, their doctors, and other health care professionals can view test results simultaneously and communicate with each other in real time. Lab results can be posted and seen by those they concern as soon as the lab work is done. Similarly, all medications and procedures prescribed by any healthcare professional in the network can instantly be accessed by others in the network. This can do away with repetitive testing and potentially dangerous mixing of medications.

The advent of cloud storage systems has caused drastic changes in the way that almost all industries get things done. For the healthcare industry, EHR cloud solutions are particularly vital and offer some distinct advantages.

Advantages of EHR Cloud Solutions

The following are a few of the many benefits of adopting cloud-based solutions to manage a medical practice.


Protecting patient data is a major concern for all health care professionals. A breach in the network could open a practice up to lawsuits or regulatory fines. It also will likely drive away some of the patients and make it difficult to earn the trust of new ones.

With the number of breaches and ransomware attacks on the rise, cybersecurity is a very real concern. Cloud-based systems have cybersecurity built right into their software platforms. Their state-of-the-art protocols are kept up-to-date, and servers are monitored 24/7. Unlike an in-office server that can be physically breached, cloud-based solutions can only be accessed through cyberspace. This provides an extra layer of security for your practice.

Physical Protection

Cloud storage systems are hosted by top of the line serves that are kept in protected and controlled environments. Even if a practice suffers some sort of event, such as a fire, a hurricane, flooding, an earthquake, etc., the patients’ data will remain secure and accessible.

Constant Updates

Technology changes at a very rapid pace. What might have been the new, best thing six weeks ago may already be antiquated. Keeping up with all of the new updates and cyber threats could be a full-time job in and of itself. With cloud-based solutions, the office staff never have to concern themselves with new updates or patches; the cloud host will take care of all of that for them.

With automatic updates, the EHR cloud solutions will always have the latest features and fixes without necessitating any additional effort on anyone in the office’s part.


With cloud-based EHR solutions, if there is an internet connection, then the doctors and staff can access the patient’s data. Whether they are in the office, at home, or on vacation in some exotic location, they can access vital information in real time.

Many cloud hosting services also offer apps. These make it possible to access the information needed through a phone or tablet, even if there isn’t an internet connection.


All of the listed benefits won’t do much good if the server has too much downtime that prevents easy access to the required information. Cloud-based systems, though, have almost no downtime. Being up and running nearly 100% of the time means that neither the doctors nor their patients should ever have to wait to access the information they need.

Stable Costs

While not necessarily low-cost, the cost for EHR cloud-based solutions is easy to justify given all the advantages it offers to the doctors, staff, and patients of any medical practice. The cybersecurity provided is, by itself, worth the cost when weighed against the dangers of costly lawsuits and loss of revenue due to patients losing faith in the practice.

In most cases, the services of a cloud-based systems are provided for a predetermined monthly fee that includes all of the features the practice needs. This makes the costs easy to work into the annual budget.

Now Is the Time to Upgrade to Cloud-Based EHR

Now is the time to consider taking advantage of the many benefits of EHR cloud-based solutions. TRIARQ Health’s EMR provides everything necessary to keep even the most hectic of medical practices running smoothly.

TRIARQ Health offers an EMR that provides both physical and cyber security, reliability, accessibility, 24/7 monitoring, a help desk, and a mobile app, all for one monthly payment.

To find out more about how we can make a medical practice run more efficiently and securely, contact us at TRIARQ Health today.