The Secret To Managing Pre-Authorizations

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Tired of the endless cycle of pre-authorization screenings that patients must go through prior to each and every treatment? If so, it’s time to learn about a better way to manage pre-authorizations.

Practicing physicians know what a headache the pre-authorization process can be. In fact, they may feel as if their medical practice is at the mercy of insurance companies, who often make seemingly arbitrary decisions about whether to cover certain procedures. The problem isn’t only that patients have to endure these long delays; it’s also that they lose valuable time waiting for approval from an outside entity. Let’s find out what can be done to change that.

What to Know About Pre-Authorizations

The first thing to remember is that pre-authorization screenings, however troublesome they might seem, are not necessarily a bad thing. They’re an important part of the healthcare industry, ensuring that patients are not subjected to unnecessary procedures and that doctors aren’t overprescribing treatments or tests. Without a third-party check in place, there’s a real chance the healthcare industry would become even more expensive and unaffordable for everyone.

Insurance companies also need pre-authorization screenings to keep their premiums manageable. Managing pre-authorizations efficiently lets insurance companies track what procedures are being conducted, how many of them are being done, and whether they’re actually necessary. After all, insurance companies aren’t just accountants. They have many physicians on staff too. Insurance authorizations are important because they help insurance companies control costs and figure out how much to reimburse their clients for treatments.

If a patient goes in for an expensive procedure that isn’t covered by the company’s plan, the doctor could end up losing money on the procedure. In order to avoid this kind of situation, doctors will need to get authorization from their patient’s insurance company before performing certain services.

Streamlining Pre-Authorizations

This doesn’t mean, however, that doctors can’t take some control over the pre-authorization process in their own medical practice. In fact, inefficient pre-authorizations in a healthcare practice can cost them a great deal, especially in terms of:

  • Being forced to work with time-consuming and inefficient paper processes
  • Managing multiple documents and forms across different departments
  • Trying to make sure everything is in order before calling on the insurance companies
    It can also delay patients from getting a medical procedure authorization when they need it most. So what can be done to cut down on these costs and frustrations? Practices can work with a company like TRIAQ Health to fix problems with their pre-authorization process and streamline it all on their behalf.

TRIARQ: Complete Revenue Management

Medical practices need to manage their finances carefully. Mismanaged finances can put a practice at risk for failing or even going out of business. This means that providers need to be sure that their revenue is being managed effectively. They also need to make sure that the practice is maximizing its profits by keeping costs down as much as possible.

That’s where TRIARQ comes in. We offer a complete revenue management solution that can help health providers manage both the finances and the operations of their practice.
When we say “complete,” we truly mean it. We offer pre-authorization, insurance verification, and claim processing for both traditional and specialty practices. We also offer a full suite of revenue cycle management services that can help practices eliminate costs and increase their profits.

How do we help?

  • Eliminate manual data entry and tedious tasks.
  • Reduce costs with automated eligibility checks and prior authorization requests.
  • Improve patient satisfaction with instant approvals or denials that can be viewed online.
  • Streamline your billing process with our billing integration capabilities.

That’s why we’re a leader in providing medical billing solutions and services to practices of all sizes. We help practices reduce their workload so they can focus on what matters most.

Spend Less Time In Pre-Authorization and More Time With Patients

Many practices don’t fully integrate their authorization process with their electronic medical record (EMR) and billing service. That leads to a lot of manual effort and wasted time. For example, a provider may have to wait for approval from their insurance company before they can see a patient. This can add days to the process and cause patients to miss their appointments.

With TRIARQ’s integrations, providers will be able to know that their EMR is helping them fulfil all the pre-authorization requirements so that when it’s time to submit the request, all the boxes are already checked off, leading to faster and more consistent approvals. Less hoping. More knowing.

The Right Tools and Technology to Handle Pre-Authorizations

Pre-authorizations are a delicate process that requires a lot of attention to detail. Ensuring that the provider has all the information they need to get approval as quickly as possible is not as easy as it sounds. It’s simple for small mistakes to turn into big problems, and this is especially true when pre-authorizations are done manually.

With TRIARQ’s integrations, providers can use our technology to make sure that every detail is covered before submitting a request for prior authorization. Our software uses revolutionary analytics processes to streamline the process, ensuring that each piece of information is entered correctly and completely. These integrations also allow providers to get a better understanding of how often they are submitting pre-authorization requests, which can help them focus on areas where an office needs improvement.

Simplify Pre-Authorizations

Pre-authorization is a necessary step for many insurers, but it can be cumbersome. Without an effective plan and a regular schedule in place, medical practices can lose hours of productivity each week and experience high levels of frustration. Pre-authorization software can help take the complications out of this process, making it easier to submit requests in a timely manner.

An integrated system lets medical providers improve their efficiency and accuracy when submitting pre-authorizations so they can focus on patient care rather than paperwork. That can make for a better patient experience and reduce the chance of delays and denials.

Never Stress About Pre-Authorizations Again

Pre-authorization software can help medical providers reduce the time and effort involved in submitting pre-authorization requests. It also makes it much easier for medical practices to stay on top of their paperwork so that they’re not dealing with a mountain of forms and approvals that need to be filed as soon as possible.

Working with a company like TRIARQ can help you take advantage of their pre-authorization software and get a leg up on the paperwork that comes with billing and collecting. You can focus on patient care, knowing that your practice is covered when it comes to submitting pre-authorizations.