TRIARQ Health Alliance Signs With CMS

TROY, Mich., Oct. 26, 2018 – Just months after entering an innovative new Value-Based Care partnership with BCBS/BCN of Michigan, TRIARQ Health’s physician-owned clinically integrated partnership, The Alliance, has announced its membership in CMS’s nationwide initiative, BPCI-Advanced. As one of the largest physician-owned partnerships participating in BPCI-Advanced hip and knee bundles, The Alliance is responsible for over 5,000 knee and hip replacements in Michigan annually, plus thousands more in Florida and Texas. Click to learn more about TRIARQ’s Value-Based Care services and their innovative approach to bundle management.

The Alliance was founded on two core principles. First, that patient outcomes are better when physicians lead care. Second, that aligning and rewarding physicians for delivering value-based care is a key driver for success.

“The Alliance is unique among bundled payment conveners,” said TRIARQ CEO, Mike Sappington. “For most conveners, it’s a numbers game; Thousands of doctors making incremental changes. The Alliance is affecting a paradigm shift and our focus is based on specific markets to influence real transformation.”

TRIARQ spent months sifting mountains of data, inventing innovative patient care pathways, and building a revolutionary application and mobile app that facilitates seamless patient care from the first patient-doctor consult to discharge.

“There’s never been anything like this,” added VP of Product Management, Julie Lundberg. “Patients can reach out to their doctors via secure message or live video chat. Our in-house nurses monitor patient progress. And our Care Coordinators audit episodes to ensure participating providers follow physician-directed care protocols. All on one care-management app!”

BPCI-Advanced began October 1st and continues through at least 2023, but the team isn’t taking time off. Sappington continued, “The next opening to join The Alliance and the BPCI-Advanced program is early 2019, and we are already prepared.”

“We have the software, the experience, and established Alliances in Michigan, Florida, and Texas,” said VP of Value-Based Care Services, Sabrina Dobbins. “We’re proud to be accepted by CMS into BPCI and excited about the next group of doctors who will join our mission to provide better care at a lower cost.”


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TRIARQ Health is a Physician Practice Services company that partners with doctors to run modern patient-centered practices so they can be rewarded for delivering high-value care. For more information, visit

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